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There isn’t a day that goes by when I am not asked what is the best olive oil or which skillet would be the best for sauteing. As a nutritionist, cookbook author and culinary instructor, I take it as a personal responsibility to be on the lookout for products that will enhance my clients' lifestyles.

Fabulous Food Finds is an outgrowth of my original blog You Can Eat That. Every Friday on the original blog, we would do Friday Food Picks: Products We Love. It became our favorite blog entry and so we decided to create a blog entirely devoted to scouring the markets to bring our readers the best food and kitchen tools we can find.

We do not accept any products directly from the manufacturers. We actually hunt, forage, and search for products aisle after aisle in markets large and small. We are not in the business of totally trashing a product, but will give an honest review of the things we find.

We’ve done the work for you. All you need to do is enjoy our selections and our original recipes that go with them. Feel free to leave us comments and if you have favorite products of your own, please be sure to let us know!

A #TBT and Me!

When I first started my business in late 1991, USA Today came calling,  and my quote about starting a business in a recession, put me in a recession no more!  That article (see a snippet below) catapulted me into a lot of opportunities… and here I am today.  WOW!

robyn 1991

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How Travel Is Good For Your Health

I just wrote a piece for called, Do It Naturally: How Travel Is Good For Your Health, and I wanted to give you a preview and the link to read it  –I think you’ll love the site too!

travel pic

Here’s the rub:

 Everyday life can be an siege on your mental and physical health- relationship issues, kids, pets, work stress, traffic, and the list goes on. I have an idea to get you out of the strains of life: TRAVEL. A 2013 study found Americans forfeited 52 billion dollars in time-off benefits and took less time off than in any point in the last four decades. Americans are work martyrs, thinking they will get ahead faster if they stick around the office. What they might actually get is unhealthier and simply burnt out.

I know, I know, you say even if I took the time, I don’t have the money. Travel doesn’t need to be expensive to effectively deliver health benefits. The same people I’ve talked to who claim it’s lack of dollars keeping them tied to their office desk are the same ones who are spending those very dollars everyday on lattes, new clothes, and the latest electronic gadget. While you may enjoy those things, and who doesn’t, adding travel to your list of purchases is just as important as eating right, exercising regularly, not smoking, wearing your seat belt and a whole host of sound lifestyle habits.

I spoke with a Paris-based journalist, two globe-trotting registered dietitians and an owner of a luxury travel newsletter and magazine who gave me four great insights into just what travel can do for your mental clarity and your overall well-being.

Please enjoy my full article at

Be sure to share where YOUR travels will take you this summer  – or in 2015!


~ Robyn





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Eat Write Retreat 2015!

eat write pic

 June 26-28th is Eat Write Retreat 2015! At the fabulous Catalyst Ranch, Chicago, IL

We’re thrilled to announce that we are headed to Chicago next month for the 2015 Eat Write Retreat!

The Windy City will play host to our renown conference where attendees, sponsors and speakers alike spend the weekend creating meaningful relationships, learning new skills and enjoying great eats!

Be be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for new updates, and visit for  all of the information.

eat wrte

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The Daily Basics and DB Magazine (a new appointment!)


If you join me on Facebook, you may already know that I recently announced my appointment as the new Health and Wellness Editor for The Daily Basics and DB Magazine.

The long running Daily Basics site and its new offspring, the stunning DB Magazine, are both helmed by the great Cynthia Bogart, former editor at Better Homes and Gardens.

 Since the weather is heating up , you’ll definitely want to read my latest article,


 – the fabulous Elisa ZiedChristy Wilson and Toby Amidor are my contributors.


ENJOY (and stay hydrated) 

xo  ~ Robyn

 TWEET with me, and  please visit The Daily basics on Facebook!

the daily basics

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Join me on Instagram!

 I’m loving Instagramming! Don’t you just love all these new social media verbs?

If you are on Instagram, please join me at I’ll be sharing foodie secrets, special dishses, recipes, travel photos and so much more!  In the meantime, I have a chocolate “Indian Giver” to take to task!

xo Robyn


choc rob

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This month’s ‪#‎PromoteOthers‬ spotlight goes to…Renee Comet!

This month’s ‪#‎PromoteOthers‬ spotlight goes to… Renee Comet!
renee comet

In the high intensity profession as professional photography is, it’s a true breath of fresh air to know someone who is cool, calm, collected and mega talented as Renee.

Renee is the long time owner of Renee Comet Photography, Washington DC’s premier photography studio specializing in food photography. I’ve been the very fortunate recipient of Renee’s work as she has shot several of my cookbooks and other print media of mine. But if you look at some of the top cookbooks produced in this country, high profile food companies and prominent DC restaurants, chances are its Renee’s meticulous skills that bring the food into another realm.

Peruse through Renee’s. website and social media feeds and have yourself a seat, a good cup of coffee and perhaps a little nosh and ensconce yourself for hours drooling over the vivid yet natural look of the gorgeous food.

But the best part of Renee, is well, Renee herself. She is just about the nicest, most fun food professional I’ve worked with. I’m also fortunate to call her friend. Renee very often works together with my another fabulous woman, food stylist Lisa Cherkasky, and the two of them are the most dynamic food photography and food stylist team that exists DC today.

So if you are ever in need of top notch work for your next cookbook or other related food project, there is only one number to call-that’s Renee

That’s why Renee is this morning’s #PromoteOthers spotlight!

xo ~ Robyn

Renee’s website can be found at 

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I’m pleased to announce that my book, The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide (Eggplant Press,, has captured the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Book Award, Silver Medalist for Best in Digital!:


robyn paris BFDA_Awards_Seals_SILVER_web

silver winner paris

The book which debuted on Times Square, NYC and reached #1 on Amazon French Travel Books, was my first departure from food writing and first endeavor into the wonderful world of digital! I’m so overwhelmed by the judge’s comments and my very high scores ( I was given an EXCEPTIONAL rating of 5 overall). I’d like to share some of these comments:

***“I must say, it was easy to judge, because it was exceptionally well done! I think that’s the best use of embedded live linking I’ve ever seen in an e-book. It used a video, sites linked to photos, listing sites, Google maps, even Wikipedia – all appropriately and without disrupting the flow of a very well-written book. This one was excellent

***I was impressed by:
— layout: good use of white space, lists, different font colors to highlight information

– organization: the author figuratively walked a prospective renter through the process of determining what they actually need and how to find it, then gave links where they can do exactly that

– writing: the style was clear, friendly, informative, and informal while still being professional. It read like advice from an experienced friend, on space, shopping, atmosphere, etc. (favorite garden, perfume shop, etc – personal touch is charming and informative). Overall it is very positive, but it is also honest, with pitfalls explained.

***Fantastic use of the platform – this was the first ‘traditional’ book I’ve seen to really use the linking possibilities of the ebook to both guide the reader and support the author.

In the words of the great actress Sally Field: You like me, you really like me!!

Honestly, as a cookbook author I don’t always have the chance to write a lot beyond the recipes and supporting text, so this was a great stretch for me to do straight text and now I feel after so many years that- I AM A WRITER!

So please:

VISIT the IBPA-BFDA landing page at: 

Learn all about the award and share it with your social networks
BUY the book- Visit the gorgeous site. Drool worthy!

WRITE about the book. If you are a travel, tech and even a food writer( there is a bit about food in the book)or know someone who is, contact me at for our press release and supporting material. Many story angles can be explored with my now award-winning book!

And now on a personal note: I dedicate my win to the residents of Paris and the people of France. While my writing is not controversial, provocative or satirical, my right to freedom of the press is something I never take for granted. Merci #Paris for the opportunity to write about you and lets all stand together for the freedom of expression now and for always!


~ Robyn

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ANNOUNCING! #‎PromoteOthers‬: A new hashtag, and a new movement for 2015!

While Social Media is a great venue to promote yourself (heck, I do it), I truly believe that spotlighting others is the true meaning of social media.

I shared a few of these special people on my personal Facebook page around the holidays, and I wanted to bring #PromoteOthers to this blog, to feature those I know in the culinary, health, and travel professions that I believe are exceptional. I’m not being paid by any of them or any organization, I just think social media is a better place when you share in addition to yourself (and how many times can you share news that EVERYONE already knows about).
promote others
Today, I’m happy to that the ‪#‎PromoteOthers‬ spotlight goes to Christy Wilson, R.D.

There are many, many ‪‎dietitians‬, but Christy is quite special. Not only is she entrenched in the ‪Tucson‬ community helping people lead healthier lives, but she is one of the rare dietitians passionate about causes that aren’t always easy to discuss. Her daily posts are inspiring, always enthusiastic. I particularly enjoyed her article, Eating Well With HIV.

christy wilson

You can find Christy on Facebook and Twitter.

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The winner of the Paris Vacation Dream Apartment Contest is…

… Delilah Burgos Villar!

She chose the dining room photo from Guest Apartment Service’s Magnolia apartment. Her description of what she would serve on this dining table was irresistible!

webb del

Our runner up is Cynthia Archer who chose the cover photo of Paris Perfect’s Cabernet apartment!

cynthia webb

But everyone is a winner!
All entries will receive a copy of my ebook, The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide (,

Merci beaucoup to everyone for dreaming…. and remember… Paris is always a good idea!!

A bientot,

p.s. MERCI to Paris Perfect Paris Apartment Rentals ( & Guest Apartment Services Paris (

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The Paris Vacation Dream Apartment Contest!

Paris apartment

In celebration of my newly launched ebook, The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide, which debuted on Times Square in NYC, we are having a BIG contest (prize package worth over 150.00!) for all of my readers, and, in just 2 EASY STEPS, you may be the grand prize winner! Even if you’ve never been to Paris or don’t intend to visit, just DREAM freely and have fun with this!

1. Go to Paris Vacation Apartment Guide and choose 1 of the apartment photos in the SLIDE SHOW (you may also choose the book cover apartment photo).

2. Come back to either THIS POST (at Fabulous Food Finds) OR my FACEBOOK PAGE and leave a comment about how you’d like to spend time in that fabulous Parisian apartment. Be Descriptive! Be creative!

BONUS! The FIRST 25 entries will automatically receive a copy of The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide

The GRAND PRIZE for the most creative entry will win a gorgeous gold Bodum French Coffee Press (retail value $100.00!) PLUS a gift basket of sumptuous baked to order French Macarons by Leilalove, AND 3 copies of The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide to share with friends and family. TOTAL PRIZE PACKAGE OF OVER $150.00!


lee robyn book macaroons

*Contest ENDS 12.3.14

top right photo of Cabernet apartment balcony courtesy of photo credit Paris Perfect (

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