How Becoming a Foodie Can Mean Good Things for Your Health

Enjoy this fabulous guest post from Marsha Hudnall.
xo Robyn

I love what this blog is about.  Robyn shows us some of the most wonderful foods, and she completely understands the time challenges many of us face in putting together meals that make us happy.  In my book, she’s a foodie personified, which is no surprise to regular readers of Fabulous Food Finds.
But what can be confusing to many people who don’t read this blog is how someone can blend her expertise in managing health challenges with her love of food.  A typical impression of foodies is that they are into food and throw caution to the wind when it comes to their health. But nothing could be further from the truth.  Really loving food and eating it to our heart’s content (pun intended) can actually lead us to health.
What is a Foodie?

Foodies are defined as people who:

  • Have a refined or ardent interest in food
  • Have an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food

When preparing to eat, a foodie makes sure it’s something she really wants to eat. It’s usually high-quality food – very few highly-processed foods prepared quickly meet her standards. And it’s varied. She’s interested in exploring the world of wonderful food.

If it takes time to make a meal or snack, she’ll invest the time. But that doesn’t mean all her meals and snacks take hours in the kitchen. She knows that sometimes a hunk of cheese, slice of great bread, and juicy piece of fresh fruit is all she needs to satisfy her hunger.

As she eats, she savors. Her food has her attention; she enjoys the taste, eating just enough until her hunger subsides. Then she’s done with eating, getting on with other things in life that are important to her. Which may mean shopping for a future meal or something that has nothing at all to do with food.  You could also call a foodie a mindful eater.

Becoming an Informed Foodie

There’s one additional feature that makes Robyn’s version of a foodie different than the usual.  And it’s that she’s an “informed” foodie.  She understands nutrition and its importance to good health.  But she also understands how to make healthy eating something we really want to do because it tastes darn good!  Our FitBriefing “Eating What We Want & Loving the Result” can give you more insight into how to do that for yourself.
So next time you’re questioning whether your love for food conflicts with your desire to be healthy, remember that it’s about tuning in and finding the pleasure in food — both in how it tastes and how it makes you feel.  And that, friends, can set the table for some mighty good times!  Which I imagine Robyn is experiencing right now in Paris on what I am sure is a self-designed fabulous foodie tour!

Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD, is owner and vice president of programming and communications at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a pioneering non-diet healthy weight management retreat exclusively for women.
Located in beautiful Vermont, Green Mountain is the perfect place to retreat, relax and renew while developing healthy attitudes about food, your weight and your body. Learn more at, or call 1.800.448.8106 (802.228.8885). For more recipes and our insight on leading a non-diet healthy lifestyle, read our blog A Weight Lifted. You can get Green Mountain’s delicious and nutritious recipes from their new e-cookbook Recipes for Living 2011 Edition Here.

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