Meet Robyn Webb

Robyn Webb

Award winning nutritionist, cookbook author and teacher, Robyn Webb has been a passionate advocate of cooking well and eating wisely for most of her life. Because of health problems within her own family, mostly notably diabetes, Robyn learned early on the importance of a balanced, healthful approach to eating.

In 1996, Robyn received the prestigious President’s Council on Fitness, Healthy American Fitness Leader Award, co-sponsored by the National Jaycees and Prudential Life Insurance Company. She is an active member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and serves currently as the past chairman of the Cooking Schools and Teachers section. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition and Florida State University with a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition.

Working With ADA

Her interest and expertise in nutrition have led to her extensive work with the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Combining culinary talents with hard scientific data, Robyn has devoted her energies to educating people with diabetes about how to facilitate the daily challenge of managing their disease through creative, healthful meal planning. She is the Associate Editor of the award winning Diabetes Forecast magazine published by the ADA and read by more than a half million people every moth. Robyn writes her own column, “Healthy Eating” and is the recipe developer and tester for the magazine. Recently, Robyn is now the online Food Editor of Her DIABETIZE article is a huge hit among readers who want to transform their previously unhealthy dishes into ones that are still tasty but diabetic appropriate. Updated frequently, Robyn shows side by side comparisions between two recipes in order to give people a way to still enjoy their favorite foods. She is fast becoming known as the “Diabetes Recipe Dr.”


In collaboration with the American Diabetes Association, Robyn Webb has published numerous cookbooks that teach people with diabetes how to maintain healthful diets with food that is satisfying and flavorful.

  • The first, Diabetic Meals in 30 Minutes or Less (1996) continues to be the American Diabetes Association top seller and third largest seller of all diabetic books ever sold on
  • Together with her next book, The Flavorful Seasons (1996), more than 15,000 copies were sold on QVC shopping network.
  • Her third book, Robyn Webb’s Memorable Menus Made Easy: Signature Meals for Entertaining or Any Occasion (1998), was acclaimed by reviewers for its ability to transform a restrictive meal plan to a satisfying way of life.
  • More Diabetic Meals in 30 Minutes or Less was published in 1999 as a very successful follow up to the original.
  • Express Lane Diabetic Cookbook (2000), was a revelation for home cooks for its ability to organize a busy cook for producing healthful full flavored meals in minutes.
  • The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible (2001), co authored with Hope Warshaw, was a long awaited comprehensive guide to everything a person with diabetes needs to know about planning, cooking, shopping and eating for diabetes. Its sales continue to climb each month. The Bible has captured one of the nation’s most prestigious awards. The Bronze medal has been awarded to the book by the National Health Information Awards 2002. The awards honor the very best in consumer books on health.
  • Her next book, Italian Diabetic Meals in 30 Minutes or Less (ADA 2005) based on her passion for the health Italian lifestyle. This book stresses the use of really simple ingredients to create Italian food the way its supposed to be: healthy and within reasonable portion sizes.
  • Her latest book: You Can Eat That: Awesome Food for Kids with Diabetes( Cleveland Clinic, 2007) has served as the inspiration for Robyn to continue to write cookbooks under this title. This beautiful four color glossy cookbook is a breakthrough for children with diabetes. The recipes are simple enough for young tastes, but are full of flavor and all diabetes friendly. The incidence of childhood diabetes is so much on the rise, Robyn has realized that this is a major national health issue she cannot ignore. And further, the recipes are not only appropriate for children with diabetes, but for any family that is interested in just about any health issue. Published by the very prestigious Cleveland Clinic, this book is sure to become a classic for families who are concerned about their health.

Her most recent accomplishments is as the spokesperson for the popular line of diabetes food products, Glucerna, from Abbott Laboratories. In this capacity Robyn has developed recipes using the three major food lines, has participated in a NY and Atlanta media campaigns and has spoken at press events to include the most recent one at the American Dietetic Association Annual convention.


In addition to her cookbook writing, Robyn also develops recipes for major food companies such as Keebler and Reilly Foods. In this capacity, Robyn has developed diabetic dessert recipes for Keebler and her recipes have been published on their company’s web site. A project for Reilly foods lead to the development of recipes for people with diabetes using Luzianne Tea Flavorings, also for use on the company’s web site. Another recent project for the New York based public relations firm, Sudler and Hennessey, lead to the creation of a calendar with monthly recipes for people who suffer from migraines. She has also completed two recipe editing projects for Readers Digest Books. Eat to Beat Diabetes features over 200 recipes and information about managing diabetes successfully and Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure as in the same format. Robyn edited all the recipes and provided the forty pages of text.

She is in demand as a personality for diabetes conventions such as the American Diabetes Annual meeting, the American Association of Diabetes Educators conference and the Juvenile Diabetes convention. In this capacity, she has represented Pharmacia Upjohn, California Avocado Commission and Keebler as a spokesperson for their products and its benefits for people with diabetes.

She is also a frequent contributor to Cooking Light magazine and has developed the monthly column, Superfast Suppers. She also frequently writes for the American Association of Cancer Research newsletter and completed a major vegetable preparation handbook for the association in 2001 and another one in 2005.

A Pinch of Thyme

In addition to her writing, Robyn Webb is the successful owner of A Pinch Of Thyme Abroad and USA. For 12 years she owned A Pinch Of Thyme Cooking School, Alexandria’s first all low fat cooking schools. Each year her school and its staff taught over 1000 students the fine art of healthy cooking with less effort. In 2002, she closed the formal school and now is in demand for private lessons and corporate lectures on cooking and health. She has also added Culinary Travel in Europe, 9 day culinary vacations encompassing the food, wine and culture of various European destinations. The program emphasis is to teach Americans that the European way of life is a healthy one and how they can incorporate aspects of European daily life into their own. Destinations include, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Greece.

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